WCWGMC change of name to Pride Equality

Dear Partners and Supports, On behalf of the Advisory Board, Staff and Volunteers, we hereby write to inform you that, we are changing the name of our organization from WhyCantWeGetMarried.Com West Africa Chapter (WCWGMC-WAC) to Pride Equality (PE) based on the following reasons: • Since, the Global body of WCWGMC does not exist; it also [...]

Q-zine, numéro 6

“Un mot après un mot après un mot, devient puissant”, écrit la romancière canadienne, Margaret Atwood dans un poème sur la lutte des femmes contre le patriarcat. Les écrivains Africains connaissent aussi bien ce pouvoir des mots. Dans l’ombre oppressante du colonialisme et de la mondialisation, la littérature Africaine a été par excellence une “littérature [...]

Q-zine’s Website

www.q-zine.org was created to respond to the demand of many of our readers in Africa who, due to slow internet connections, have trouble accessing the contents of the magazine in its current format.The website features most contents from the magazine, and more. The “print” magazine remains at http://issuu.com/q-zine. With the website, readers can now share [...]

The Subtle Tiger: How Homophobia Erodes Mental Health

Hello, readers, the doctor is in! I’ve been away from QAYN for several months, but I’m back and I have many topics I’d like to talk with you about. As always, I eagerly await hearing from you. Are there health issues relative to you or your community that worry or confuse you, that you have [...]