Q-zine’s Website

www.q-zine.org was created to respond to the demand of many of our readers in Africa who, due to slow internet connections, have trouble accessing the contents of the magazine in its current format.The website features most contents from the magazine, and more. The “print” magazine remains at http://issuu.com/q-zine. With the website, readers can now share [...]

Q-ZINE’s December Issue

Where do African queers belong? Politicians tell us we belong in the West, where our “unAfrican” desires were supposedly invented (like their three-piece suits). Preachers tell us we are from Sodom and Gomorrah (but somehow survived the fire and brimstone). Others say we belong with the animals but that we are also “unnatural” (figure that [...]

Introducing Q-zine’s First Issue!

Q-zine a Forum for African Diversity and Creativity Hi and welcome to the first issue of Q-zine, the pan-African voice for LGBTI and queer youth. We are a cooperative online magazine with a mission to be the most inclusive and accessible place on the internet for young African writers, photographers, artists, and activists to reflect [...]

Call for Submissions for the Second Issue of Q-zine

Q-zine, a new online quarterly magazine by, for and about sexual minority communities in Africa. Are you a creative writer, journalist, political or social commentator with an interest in LGBTQI issues? A queer fashion designer, make-up artist, or hairdresser? An LGBTQI relationship guru, fitness guru, or health care provider? Are you an artist or entertainer [...]