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Q-zine is a bilingual (English and French) quarterly online magazine by, for and about sexual minority communities in Africa. We aim to provide an inspiring and creative outlet for young people (age 35 and under) to celebrate, debate and explore the creativity and cultural richness of queer life in Africa. The deadline for submissions for [...]

Q-ZINE’s December Issue

Where do African queers belong? Politicians tell us we belong in the West, where our “unAfrican” desires were supposedly invented (like their three-piece suits). Preachers tell us we are from Sodom and Gomorrah (but somehow survived the fire and brimstone). Others say we belong with the animals but that we are also “unnatural” (figure that [...]

The Subtle Tiger: How Homophobia Erodes Mental Health

Hello, readers, the doctor is in! I’ve been away from QAYN for several months, but I’m back and I have many topics I’d like to talk with you about. As always, I eagerly await hearing from you. Are there health issues relative to you or your community that worry or confuse you, that you have [...]

Introducing Q-zine’s First Issue!

Q-zine a Forum for African Diversity and Creativity Hi and welcome to the first issue of Q-zine, the pan-African voice for LGBTI and queer youth. We are a cooperative online magazine with a mission to be the most inclusive and accessible place on the internet for young African writers, photographers, artists, and activists to reflect [...]